Star Tracker

49 # 19 / 145
Star Tracker 01-33_01-33
Star Tracker 01-33_01-34
Star Tracker 01-33_36-38
Star Tracker 01-33_44-40
Star Tracker 01-33_45-18

Star Tracker is a small-medium sized round unisex frame. Due to its simplistic design, extreme lightness and exciting color combinations, Star Tracker is certainly a frame for anyone looking to add a little extra to their look while still maintaining an element of subtlety. Star Tracker’s comfort, lightness and 5 exciting color combinations ranging from Bitter Chocolate / Mat Titanium + Mat Brown to Orion Blue / Mat Titanium + Mat Silver make this frame a safe bet for anyone looking for a classic shape yet contemporary expression. Like its namesake, a device used to accurately measure the positions of stars, Star Tracker is also a frame that will offer you the ultimate optical experience.

  • Collection:QUANTUM HIGH
  • Material:A combination of titanium and Polyamide
  • Color:Black / Mat Black
  • Gender:UNISEX

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