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"While maintaining the beauty in every design, the frames in this collection has been reduced to their very core. Thereby eliminating excess and exemplifying great design."

- Tobias Wandrup, Head of Design

Ørgreen’s new Titanium collection introduces six frames, deeply influenced by the Japanese thin architecture. As the inspiration for this collection comes from an apparent culture of modesty, the new designs are slender and irrefutably thin. Nonetheless, the six Titanium styles open up to the wearer’s creativity and styling inventiveness, and just like the Japanese jutaku houses, they are designed to stand out against an urban background.inventiveness, and just like the Japanese jutaku houses, they are designed to stand out against an urban background.


The new collection also introduces new elements – the temples on Kodama, Hojo, and Yure are soldered to the front. This is a new and bold take on the classic Ørgreen titanium collection, which gives the frame unique look and feel.

“The soldered temples are a purposeful and beautiful detail. Working with color, I have taken advantage of its visibility by giving it amazing accentuated colors, which work well with the front color and with the tinted silicone end tips. The soldering is a continuation of the temple, so with the soldering, the temple color continues onto the front of the frame and makes the two colors come together in a perfect duet.”

– Sahra Lysell, Color Designer


In Japanese, “yure” means vibration and tremor, often in relation to nature. Yure is our thin and elegant titanium frame for women, inspired by Japanese architecture. Distinct for its oversized size and minimalist touch, Yure is available in six electrifying color combinations: from Mat Brown / Mat Gold to Mat Azure Green / Mat Bronze


In Japanese mythology, Kodama is an ancient spirit that resides in trees. Inspired by the Japanese architectural tradition, Kodama is a thin and elegant frame for men. With a soft, squared aviator shape, the style references the frames of the 70s, while introducing a ground-breaking new feature: a hidden rim lock behind the temple. Kodama is also Ørgreen’s first frame offered in two color combinations on the temples, which together with the overall frame color produces a rich range of color combinations – for example, Mat Deep Space Blue / Mat Metallic Silver with Eclipse Blue temples.


Hojo is an ancient regal family clan in Japan, dating back to the 12th century. Inspired by the bold minimalism of Japanese architecture, Hojo is a classic 70s teardrop-shape frame, otherwise known as the “aviator”. With thoughtful facets on the outer corners, this unisex style is suitable for a range of faces, and comes in six vibrant color combinations, including the subtle Mat Black / Mat Gun and the refreshing Mat Milk / Mat Gold.







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