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Technologic 1108_1108
Technologic 1108_1246
Technologic 1108_1249
Technologic 1108_1252
Technologic 1108_757
Technologic 1108_1384

A new addition to our craft-advancing Titanium line, Technologic presents a bridge evocative of a keyhole, which is matched by a large, opening rectangular shape. These features add personality to this sturdy but elegant male style, extended by the extra tall lens, which pushes a cool and modern message. Silicone nose pads and end-tips ensure comfort, while the enlarged temples are rendered with precise minimalism.

  • Collection:SHEET TITANIUM
  • Material:A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
  • Color:Mat Dark Blue / Mat Silver
  • Gender:MALE

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