New Logarithm

51 # 18 / 150
New Logarithm 01-22_01-22
New Logarithm 01-22_01-33
New Logarithm 01-22_33-24
New Logarithm 01-22_34-18
New Logarithm 01-22_37-21

Our no nonsense New Logarithm. This panto shaped frame is unisex and is distinct for its square nose bridge - bringing a surprising element to an otherwise classic frame. New Logarithm comes in five unique color combinations. Try the Blue Ink + Mat Metallic Blue for a cool down to earth look.

  • Collection:QUANTUM HIGH
  • Material:A combination of titanium and Polyamide
  • Color:Black / Mat Titanium + Mat Orange
  • Gender:UNISEX

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