55 # 16 / 145
Carnaby A305_A305
Carnaby A305_A309
Carnaby A305_A318
Carnaby A305_A319
Carnaby A305_A320

This highly innovative optical acetate frame offers a range of experimentation with color and transparency: color blocking lamination in the end-pieces allows pairing solid colors with glitter and milky hues, opening a new world of expressions by way of trendy contrasting combinations that appear like sporty stripes in the design. A large “square cat” style, Carnaby features all our acetate staples – diamond-cut facet detail, bespoke core wiring, laser-engraved logo, and tubular end-tips – while introducing (for the first time in Ørgreen’s acetate history) adjustable silicone nose pads for extra comfort and a universal fit.

  • Collection:ØRGREEN ACETATE
  • Material:100% Acetate.
  • Color:Almost Black + Deco Aubergine + Clear Dark Shadow
  • Gender:FEMALE

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