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Meridiana’s large avant-garde shape exudes the distinctive feminine glamour of the 1950s French Riviera, where Hollywood glamazons lay sunbathing on the yacht deck. An innovative 3D-printed ring “make-up” effect adds a highlighting detail to the softened diamond-shaped front, accentuated further by gradient lenses in rich, exclusive hues. Soldered drop end-pieces and bridge, as well as silicone nose pads and end-tips, ensure comfort as well as durability in this truly chic style.

  • Collection:IMAGINARY LINES
  • Material:A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
  • Color:Mat Deep Space Blue / Mat Rose Gold
  • Gender:FEMALE
  • Sun Lens Color:BROWN GRADIENT
  • Sun Lens VLT:14,0%%

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