Webster 2.0

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Webster 2.0 1093_1093
Webster 2.0 1093_1148
Webster 2.0 1093_1206
Webster 2.0 1093_1207
Webster 2.0 1093_1209
Webster 2.0 1093_1272
Webster 2.0 1093_965

Webster 2.0 is a tribute to a legendary tenor saxophonist whose quick tempo solos left audiences in awe. With its rectangular shape and sharp lines, Webster 2.0 has kept hold of its primary features. However, his re-designed temple and enclosed end tip make this male frame a must have for the sophisticated male. Colors such as Mat Brown + Sandblasted Titanium and Mat Licorice offer the wearer a subtle array of colors to choose from to find his preferred choice.

  • Collection:SHEET TITANIUM
  • Material:A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
  • Color:Mat Brown / Mat Sandblasted Titanium
  • Gender:MALE

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