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Welcome to the Quantum collection - a new product category that captures our forward-thinking ethos - introducing a new technology, use of material and over 120 compelling colour combinations.


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An advanced, ultra-light frame in a new material and with a new and unseen hinge technology in search of the essence and making the complex, simple.

Where Titanium meets Polyamide

Like titanium, polyamide is ultra-light and comfortable, strong yet flexible with shape memory. The combination of materials makes the frame feel near-to-weightless when worn on a face. And combining titanium and polyamide it adds character and vibrance to the face.

In search of the essence

Determined to eliminate the extraneous in search of the essence, we devised a spherical component for a new hinge that’s hidden, in keeping with our clean, uncluttered style.

A puzzle to the piece

Customizing a unique piece mounted where the lens fits in we secured the new hinge mechanism. By pressing the lens into position, it secures both the puzzle piece and the sphere in place.

Making the complex simple