The Professional 443

  • Description

    Somewhere in between corporate meetings and creating mayhem with your mates, THE PROFESSIONAL is the cocktail of cocktails to re-boot your mood. It’s a French-style gin and tonic, with a splash of persimmon liqueur and elderflower. Nobody does it better than at Holmen’s Kanal Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen. The inspiration behind these unmistakeably masculine, rectangular frames with a subtle angle on the upper rim in a retro- modern look. Wear it and watch the charisma factor increase the next time you ask the classic opening line: “Do you come here often?”

  • Details
    Material: A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
    Size: 56 # 16 / 145
    Color: Mat Bordeaux / Sandblasted Titanium
    Gender: MALE

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