Kissy Suzuki 576

  • Description

    One of the ninja agents assigned to protect James Bond in You Only Live Twice, Kissy Suzuki was a cute, coquettish co-star played by Japanese actress Mie Hama. As a tribute to her elegance and superlative secret service, our Kissy Suzuki frames are equally as chic and petite. Small, rectangular nylon frames with rounded corners appear almost invisible on the bottom, thanks to an almost unperceivable nylon thread joining a curved titanium top line. Duo tones up the ante in a stunning style that will leave you shaken not stirred.

  • Details
    Material: A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
    Size: 48 # 17 / 132
    Color: Mat Red Mahogany / Sandblasted White Gold
    Gender: FEMALE

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