Coachella 813

  • Description

    Coachella is perhaps the most famous festival in the North American continent, known for its popularity among celebrities and Californian hipsters who flock to the eponymous desert once a year. Evoking this mood, Coachella is a trendy retro style for women, offering a bold fashion statement with its extra thick contours and cat-eyed shape, inspired by the 1960s. Coachella is offered in five color stories, including Mat Black, Mat Vanilla, and the contrasted Mat Lemon / Mat Sand.

  • Details
    Material: A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
    Size: 55 # 17 / 143
    Color: Mat Vanilla
    Gender: FEMALE
    Sun Lens Color: BRONZE CHROME
    Sun Lens VLT: 15,7%

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