Blonde On Blonde 620

  • Description

    A mix of philosophy and melancholy, “Blonde on Blonde” becamea signature song for the 60’s, with its compelling messagesabout escapism. Our BLONDE ON BLONDE frames echothe same retro era, with feminine, cat’s eye corners pointedupwards and a curved top line varying in thickness. Put on theMatte Flamingo Pink and Sandblasted Titanium version and thelook is back to the future. Lens details: 619 – Gradient Bronze Chrome, 620 – Silver Chrome, 702 – Grey Gradient

  • Details
    Material: A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
    Size: 52 # 18 / 137
    Color: Mat Flamingo Pink / Sandblasted Titanium
    Gender: FEMALE
    Sun Lens Color: SILVER CHROME
    Sun Lens VLT: 19,7%

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