3 Feet High 3P

  • Description

    Jazz rap and psychedelic hip hop are just some of the words todescribe “3 Feet High”, full of witty skits, quirky lyrics and a feelgood factor that lasts forever. There’s a similar playfulness in our3 FEET HIGH frames. A round panto style with an arched lowsetbridge, it’s a small unisex with a timeless appeal. Perfect forrapping to your own rhythm. This model is a also a part of our Grand Danois collection which is a collection in precious materials. The Grand Danois color(s) for this model is: 3P. Lens details: 3P – Grey Gradient Polarized, 403 – Grey, 619 – Blue, 621 – Rose Gold Chrome, 638 – Brown

  • Details
    Material: A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
    Size: 50 # 20 / 137
    Color: Sandblasted Luna Gold
    Gender: UNISEX

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