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Perfectly Imperfect

A diverse and eclectic approach to portraiture by 2017 Wallpaper* Design Award winner, design studio GamFratesi for Ørgreen. Inspired by the accentuated quirks of Picasso’s portraits never rendering one face in the same way the visual concept installation celebrate the diversity amongst people: their unique shape, size, and spirit.
Artwork designed by Gamfratesi
With the visual concept Ørgreen+GamFratesi achieves to tie Ørgreen’s architectural design approach with the Ørgreen+Yuniku tailormade eyewear design concept to celebrate the uniqueness of the face.

A selection from Ørgreen’s exclusive collection is presented on a multi-coloured series of hand-carved wooden faces, each of different length and size, corresponding to a particular portrait by Picasso.



A deconstructive linear “nose” runs vertically through each, disrupting the symmetry of the shape in reference to the frequent multi-perspective and milt-visual allusions on Picasso’s portrait.


The desaturated color pallet of the wooden faces echoes the color story of the new Ørgreen collection, creating new surprising harmonies of tone, size, and shape when juxtaposed.




The 'Norwegian' sailor

“We were inspired by the idea of ‘uniqueness and imperfection’, which we interpreted in a window display concept.” Stine Gam, GamFratesi