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Jørgen Leth in 5 quotes

Movie maker, words equilibrist, and provocateur. Jørgen Leth has, in his 80 years, made sure to stir things up in Denmark. And we love him for it.

He is probably Denmark’s biggest bon vivant, leaving an impressive trace of outrage and admiration throughout his long career.  He is especially known for filmmaking, his job as a Tour de France commentator – and for his scandalous autobiography “The imperfect human”. Jørgen Leth has become an icon in Danish culture with his imaginative use of words that have had a national impact.

His use of words is so fascinating that he even got his own radio show on Radio24syv, where he answers all sorts of questions such as: Have you ever been to Ishøj? How are you a perfect gentleman? What do you think of the royal family?

The best questions and answers have been published in a book called “Ask Jørgen”. In the book, you will find a number of iconic quotes. Here are 5 of the best ones.


“I am against bike helmets. I think that the cycling sport has become poorer now that you can no longer see faces.“


It annoys me to see so-called ‘smileys’ spread around in a letter instead of words. What is wrong with words? Smileys show a lack of ability to express yourself.


“I do not ever think about death. I do not. When I die, I die.“


“I know that I can be provocative sometimes, but that is not my intent. When I provoke, it just happens.“


“I remember a situation at a film festival where there was a girl who was appointed as my personal assistant for the day, and then our knees met under the table. That is a wonderful type of touch. It is very erotic. It is not too concrete.“

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