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In a Dynamic State of Mind

In the big city, there are as many personas as there are people. The city street is a participatory theatre of style, where we choose our identities as we get dressed in the morning.
Gentleman 1.2

The latest Quantum collection from Ørgreen Optics presents four quintessential characters from the contemporary metropolis, one characterized by constant movement, freedom, and self-determination. From the Entrepreneur to the Urban Explorer, the collection serves to register urbanism of 2018 from the perspective of eyewear, an element of style that paradoxically both encapsulates and defies timelessness.

Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers are a bon vivant of the contemporary and find pleasure in the City’s roads lesser traveled. Collectors of records, sneakers, or 1980s Japanese Comic Book merchandise, they revel in cultural near-history and take every opportunity to show it to their surroundings, also in their sense of style, which alludes to nostalgia in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, yet always feels polished. Their sense of authenticity leads them far away from the mainstream, to the most obscure underground Sake bars and quirky design shops.


In many ways, they represent the city’s cultural frontier: it is their job to be in the know of the latest concept store, gastro-pub, and bespoke cocktail bar. Because of their inquisitiveness, you’ll find them everywhere, from the secret second hand shop to the luxury department store. Their investment in style exceeds mere shopping, but functions more as a certain approach to the world, one in which quality, pleasure, and beauty comes first. Their aesthetic is paradigmatic of the state of the world, and is hence always in flux: yet parts of their wardrobe remain timeless.


Young, savvy, and ambitious, they see the city as one of opportunity. Their standard routine exists between the office, the gym, and the airport, but spontaneity drives them in both life and in business, which adds quite a few up-scale restaurants and spontaneous outings into the mix. Their aesthetic is smart and on trend, but must fair as well as in the corporate meeting room as in a smoky bar after hours. They construct a timeless look and sticks to it; they are too busy to do anything else.

The signifiers of “cool”, “sporty”, or “intellectual” are widely shared yet constantly modified by an urban mass as we appropriate, interpret, and make trends our own on a daily basis. In the city, the individual and the collective are always in a process of negotiation and re-negotiation. At times, we come to embody the very archetypes of certain people, certain styles – and other times, we couldn’t escape them more.


No one experiences the dynamism of the city as vividly as those the Sporty. From sunrise runs along the lake to late-night boxing sessions in the local club, they find joy in strengthening the body and using the city to do it. Their athletic efforts lead them to many hours in a gym, public swimming pool, and skate-park, but the best exercise is the one that happens on the dance floor. Movement, after all, is a social affair. Their style is sleek and minimal, drawing on the bespoke elegance of contemporary athleisurewear, which leads them easily from the locker room to the cocktail bar (via a bike).