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Copenhagen Through the Lens

by Morten Nørdstrom

My name is Morten Nordstrøm, and Copenhagen has been my home all my life. It’s such a special place to me and when I’m away on travels, I always look forward to returning to the city and its unique features. When I was 15, I worked as an industrial painter, which sparked my interest in aesthetics, architecture, and design. Today I live off doing what I love, photography. These are my Copenhagen recommendations, as I have discovered them through my Ørgreen lenses.

City Centre

To me, it feels like a mix of all the other parts of town, depending entirely on which street you’re on. Walk down the side streets, be curious and remember to have a look at the many beautiful backyards and small alleys. Some of my favorite areas are located around Pilestræde, Gråbrødre Torv, The Latin Quarter (Studiestræde), Magstræde and the area around Kongens Nytorv. All of them contain different versions of the finest architecture we have, great shopping possibilities and eating/drinking places.


Make sure to experience the Botanical Garden (in particular, the palm house). And if you want to spend some time indoors, there are luckily lots of great museums. One of my favorites is Glyptoteket, which is one of the most beautiful spaces we have in the country.

Glyptoteket Museum

Back alley at Kongens Nytorv

Coffee Shops

& Cafés

I somehow feel very at home at cafés, where you find yourself among people, yet by yourself. I have too many favorite places to only recommend one place, so here’s a list with some of my favorites:


For breakfast or lunch, I can recommend visiting Original Coffee on the rooftop of department store Illum. Everything they make is tasty, there’s room for everyone and you can sit outside all year round, enjoying one of the best views in town.

The view from Original Coffee, Storkespringvandet

A place I discovered recently is Sander’s. It’s a hotel, but their restaurant is open to everyone, and it’s delicious! The décor is truly beautiful. I went there for coffee and waffles and I can’t wait to come back.


For a truly instagrammable Copenhagen experience, go to Atelier September and order anything on the menu. The space is minimalist, with great use of natural materials and colors. There’s always soft natural light coming in from the big windows.


Sonny’s is a cozy place worth a visit. The owner, David, has an uncompromising approach towards everything he serves, which I really like. His coffee is outstanding.

Sonny’s Café

Beyond the

City Centre

There’s more to Copenhagen than only the center.


In Østerbro, start the day by walking from one end of Nordre Frihavnsgade to the other. Make sure to visit Normann Copenhagen’s flagship store. If you’re here with kids, or just feel the need for nature and fresh air, go to one of our nicest parks, Fælledparken.

From there, walk by the lake “Sortedamssøen” to Nørrebro. Nørrebro got more edge than Østerbro, more young people and creative businesses. Streets worth visiting are Elmegade and Jægersborggade. Here I can easily spend hours going through the nice and quirky shops.

Sankt Hans Gade

Sankt Peders Stræde

Vesterbro is located nearby and is similar to Nørrebro in its vibe. Some of my favorite areas here are Kødbyen (The Meatpacking District), which has a lot of great restaurants, cafés and creative spaces, and Værnedamsvej, which in my opinion is one of the coziest streets in town. My wife and I often eat at Falernum and get a coffee at Rist. Granola is popular too and there’s an amazing Aésop shop which is worth a visit too.

From Vesterbro, you can quickly get to Frederiksberg, which is quite different from the other parts of town. One of the streets you don’t want to miss is Gammel Kongevej. While you’re there, you should also check out Frederiksberg Allé. With trees on both sides of the road, this place is really beautiful all times of the year. And at the end of the street, you’ll also find the entrance to Frederiksberg Have, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks we have.

Out of Town

If you’re up for a train ride, make sure to visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The place is located on the shore, facing the ocean. It’s beautifully designed by Arne Jacobsen and has a great restaurant and shop. It’s one of my favorite places worldwide, so I often swing by both alone and with my family.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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