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Calisto 1231_1231
Calisto 1231_1232
Calisto 1231_1235
Calisto 1231_1236
Calisto 1231_1237
Calisto 1231_777

Calisto is a new addition to our range of slightly smaller female titanium frames that comes in 6 innovative color combinations uniquely developed by our in-house colorist. Calisto’s oval, cat-eye-inspired design is a style designed to match the preferences of the quality-conscious female that appreciates classic Scandinavian design combined with high-quality Japanese Craftsmanship. Color combinations such as Mat Red Raspberry and Mat Mazarine Blue / Mat Soft Teal make Calisto a great choice for women looking for a sleek, stylish look.

  • Collection:SHEET TITANIUM
  • Material:A combination of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium.
  • Color:Mat Black / Mat Metallic Pink
  • Gender:FEMALE

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