Rocket Booster

50 # 16 / 145
Rocket Booster 01-34_01-34
Rocket Booster 01-34_36-26
Rocket Booster 01-34_38-25
Rocket Booster 01-34_42-42
Rocket Booster 01-34_43-37

Rocket Booster is one of our newest frames to our popular QUANTUM HIGH collection. Its classic shape and simplistic design make Rocket Booster a versatile style created for a wide range of wearers looking to boost their appearance with a modern frame with a traditional look. This medium-sized frame fits different facial structures, and its lightness and comfort make Rocket Booster a must have if you are looking for a subtle and comfortable frame. The 5 color combinations have been carefully developed and selected to perfectly suit this style and consist of combinations such as Infinity Blue/Shiny Gold and Merlot/Mat Gold + Mat Shadow Black.

  • Collection:QUANTUM HIGH
  • Material:A combination of titanium and Polyamide
  • Color:Black / Mat Gold
  • Gender:FEMALE

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