Delta Wing

49 # 20 / 150
Delta Wing 33-23_33-23
Delta Wing 33-23_36-39
Delta Wing 33-23_43-37
Delta Wing 33-23_44-18

Delta Wing is an iconic round unisex frame that truly catches the eye. Its distinct design and shape certainly make Delta Wing somewhat of a statement frame, and its unrivalled lightness and comfort makes this style a pleasure to wear absolutely anywhere and anytime. This style comes in a variety of 5 color combinations including Graphite/Mat Titanium + Mat Solid Red and Merlot/Mat Gold + Mat Shadow Black. This frame’s design is highly comparable to its namesake, Delta Wing, a supersonic jetthat never ceases to catch the attention of observant bystanders.

  • Collection:QUANTUM HIGH
  • Material:A combination of titanium and Polyamide
  • Color:Graphite / Mat Titanium + Mat Solid Red
  • Gender:UNISEX

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