Cargo Bay

50 # 19 / 145
Cargo Bay 01-33_01-33
Cargo Bay 01-33_33-41
Cargo Bay 01-33_36-39
Cargo Bay 01-33_37-33
Cargo Bay 01-33_44-18

Cargo Bay is a classic college-shaped male frame and part of our lightest and most comfortable collection to date. Cargo Bay is a joy to wear, and its subtle details and classic colors make this frame a must have for men who value design and comfort yet never compromise style. Cargo Bay comes in 5 innovative color combinations such as Graphite/Mat Titanium + Mat Honey Yellow and Just Greener/Mat Black. Its thin temples and rubber end tips create an almost levitational effect, truly living up to its name as a vital component of space travel.

  • Collection:QUANTUM HIGH
  • Material:A combination of titanium and Polyamide
  • Color:Black / Mat Black
  • Gender:MALE

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