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New Beginnings

A new decade, a blank canvas to begin again. As the first collection of 2020, Havn is a tribute to new beginnings. This collection explores and embraces newness, while honoring history. 


Havn allows for thinner and light styles in a combination of bright 1960ties vintage tones, and fresh metallic colour stories. With Havn, Ørgreen has created a new collection that embodies the playfulness of adventures by combining strong silhouettes with delicate detailing, and a dash of surprise – a characteristic new design element is introduced in the form of frames with a thin metal rim design, creating an elegant step-down feature on all of the frames.

Valde S014 ↗

Ior S010 ↗

Ior S010 ↗


volumized panto shape


subtle character and detail

↙ Ofelia S004 + S006

Sirena S001 ↗


soft teardrop shape

Covering classic and new eyewear shapes, including round, panto and rectangular, Havn is staying true to Ørgreen’s distinctive design aesthetic, featuring a mix of 12 unisex, male, and female styles.

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