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Everlasting Colours

Titanium Collection

Ørgreen’s new Titanium collection introduces six frames, deeply influenced by the Japanese thin architecture. As the inspiration for this collection comes from an apparent culture of modesty, the new designs are slender and irrefutably thin. Nonetheless, the six Titanium styles open up to the wearer’s creativity and styling inventiveness, and just like the Japanese jutaku houses, they are designed to stand out against an urban background.

Refined Lines and Shapes

“When sketching a new design, we look for just the right line, angle, and energy to complement the shape of the eye.” Co-Founder & Head of Design, Tobias Wandrup

The realistic colourist

Sahra Lysell knows she has an unusual job. After all, there can’t be many optical companies who employ a full-time Senior Colour Designer, let alone for over twenty years

Handmade in Japan

“Individually handcrafted over a period of 4-6 months. Each frame goes through more than 100 production steps. And there is a hand involved at every step”. Inherent in titanium is a sleek, sophistication where minimalism is the modus operandi. When processed titanium has a streamlined aesthetic that is totally aligned with the Danish angle of elegance at Ørgreen Optics.


Sun Collection

Designed to stand out, with unique color stories and wide-ranging looks, Ørgreen titanium sunglasses celebrate individuality and personal aesthetic.