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Orgreen Optics has newly released COLOR IS, a short film focusing on the power, influence and meaning of colour in the daily lives of modern society.


Shot at the Ørgreen Studios in Copenhagen, COLOR IS follows the reflections of long-term Orgreen Optics Colourist, Sahra Lysell, Photographer, Petra Kleis, and Creative Director, Allan R. Kruse.


Each COLOR IS interviewee shares personal experiences, memories and influences regarding colour, as well as explores individual approaches to implementing colour in their daily work.

color identity

We recently hosted a series of events at our Studios in Copenhagen, where we invited customers to experience the office and interact with the different teams at Orgreen Optics to better comprehend the passion that drives the making of our designs.

We noticed the audience was deeply enthusiastic while Sahra was explaining the processes we use in creating and applying colour to our eyewear. Everybody present wanted to share their personal views on colour – as if it’s something that we as a society continuously experience yet never really take the opportunity to discuss.


There was this clear, energetic connection between our customers and ourselves, powered entirely by the topic of colour – and it was this passionate engagement that presented us with the idea for the COLOR IS film project. The resultant film is a celebration of what colour means to us as individuals, a company and species, opening multiple points of view on this visual, emotional force that binds us – points of view we curate in this first of a potential series of short films.



“Red is my biggest challenge, because it’s a personal dislike. But You learn the most when you work with things that you are maybe not in love with, but have to learn to be in love with.”

Sahra Lysell

Colourist at Orgreen Optics

In this new film, Lysell expands upon her approach to eyewear colour design by explaining how she combines specific colours to achieve particular looks, as well as uses new tones, hues and materials to bring new freshness to colours of particular association.

“The better and the stronger your own definition is of your own colors, the easier it is to navigate the colors from the shifting trends.”

Allen R.Kruse

Creative Director

He reflects on the range of ways and resources from which colour has defined him since childhood. He sheds light on the invaluable presence of colour in branding – his field of expertise – and how it can embody and speak volumes of a brand’s core values.


“Color tells a lot about when and where. When I think of colors in photographs, I think of my parents and pictures of me from childhood.”

Petra Kleis

Copenhagen-based Photographer

She provides insight into the relationship between a photographer and colour. Expanding on her interpretation of colour, Kleis states: “I really like the 3-dimensional feeling that colour can give you, and the softness. I use colour a lot, but it’s really rare that I ask ‘why do I use this colour, and not that colour?’”

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