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The round edges collection

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian functionalism, the soft edges collection is all about innovation and stylish expressions. Crafted with great concern for materials, simplification and technical experimentation, the soft edges collection introduces a contemporary take on our classic titanium frames, eliminating all borders in creating frames that effortlessly fit your face.

Sandblasted or gold titanium nose-pads which elevate the entire look of each frame.

Tinted silicone end tips that enhance the front color and color story.

A special clay matte finish for a contemporary and polished touch.

Sleek, borderless frames with a soft and smooth expression.

“The soft edges are fascinating because the look of the frame almost tricks you into believing that the material isn’t really titanium. From afar it looks like the frames are made of something else, but when you get up close and get to hold them, you are met with a lightness, and richness in detail, that is only found in titanium. It’s exciting!”

- Tobias Wandrup, Head of Design