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Quantum 3.0

Urban Lightness

Superior finishing to further refine the next generation of Quantum

Following the success of the first two optical collections, Ørgreen returns with its third QUANTUM collection that continues to push the boundaries of eyewear design. The QUANTUM 3.0 collection is comprised of 10 new styles – male, female and unisex – that expand on Ørgreen’s stripped-back and bespoke approach to eyewear design, combining the best of Nordic and Japanese minimalism. Faithful to Ørgreen’s passion for color, the new collection features an exciting range of over 15 color stories. These vivid color combinations for both men and women add refreshing character, humor and subtle elegance to the stylish range, guaranteeing a style option for every wearer.

Industrialism Refined

Quantum is Ørgreen’s innovative range of frames that, uniquely, employ a spherical hinge to connect the titanium temple to the polyamide front, effectively eliminating extraneous components in eyewear design such as screws and bolts. Combined with Ørgreen’s trademark material – Japanese titanium – and an bespoke range of color stories, Quantum embodies Ørgreen’s goal to challenge the traditions of eyewear design while insisting on offering the highest hand-crafted quality.

Elevate with Quantum Sun

Staying true to the ethos of Ørgreen, Quantum Sun is a collection of five sunglasses which elegantly pairs innovation with classicism, simplicity with sophistication, in new and thrilling ways.