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A substantial part of Ørgreen Optics’ identity has always been to develop truly unique color combinations to set them apart from the rest of the pack. Characterized by its lightness, strength, and superb color adaptability, acetate is the perfect material to explore new paths of color development. These color combinations have played a significant role in Ørgreen Optics’ rise to prominence in the eyewear industry, and the colors assigned to each style from this new collection have been carefully developed and selected to complement each frame and appeal to its potential wearer.

Peaches is a modern take on a classic cat-eye shaped frame with an arrayof dazzling color combinations that suit even the most eccentric of personalities. Peaches’ flamboyant expression definitely makes this a statement frame for the modern wearer with a cosmopolitan attitude.

Jelly is a style inspired by the classic “American secretary” look and comes in a range of funky, yet subtle feminine color combinations uniquely developed by our in-house colorist. Jelly is a style created for the slightly smaller face and is perfect for wearers that like classic frames witha classic twist.

Brittany is our alluring round frame for women. With her oversize silhouette she is a modern statement frame. Made for medium sized faces and comes in 6 cool color combinations such as the Brown Havana + Dark Blue + Black/Clear Pattern.

Male Styles


With its signature rectangular design and 6 different color combinations, Goldbear certainly looks like a tasty treat as its name implies. This masculine and versatile frame has a fresh, clean look and is a great optionfor slightly larger faces.


With its thick front and translucent temples, Matador is certainly a frame for males with strong personalities. This medium-sized acetate frame is a great option for the fashion-conscious male who appreciates a classic shape with versatile color combinations.


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