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Minimal Vintage

The new collection in acetate

Building a bridge between past nostalgia and innovation, the new Minimal Vintage acetate collection has expanded the Ørgreen repertoire.

Characterized by its lightness, strength, and superb color adaptability, acetate is an ideal medium to explore bold and ambitious color stories, a long-standing characteristic of Ørgreen products thanks to Ørgreens skilled in-house colorist. Acetate’s usual vintage feel is challenged by Ørgreens design DNA, extending into the brands’ modern minimalist visual ethos.

José A060

Stef A048

Perfecting every line to create contemporary designs with a vintage look.

Eja A057

Patterns, glitter, translucent and solid colors, mixed together in playful combinations.

Sacha A061

"For some of the acetate frames we have as much as three different colors in one frame. This is because the depth of the acetate material, allowed us to play with layering on a whole new level."

Sahra Lysell - Color Designer

Oliver A002

“We wanted to make a modern acetate frame that isn’t ‘overdoing it’ on a face. We did this by working with those perfect lines that is the very essence of Ørgreen design”

Tobias Wandrup - Head of Design