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Characterized by its lightness, strength, and superb color adaptability, acetate is an ideal medium to explore bold and ambitious color stories, a long-standing characteristic of Ørgreen products thanks to Ørgreens skilled in-house colorist.

“For some of the acetate frames, we have as much as three different colors in one frame. This is because the depth of the acetate material, allowed us to play with layering on a whole new level.”

Sahra Lysell – Color Designer


Cornelia is an exciting retro inspired cat-eye acetate frame. This female style comes in daring combo colors such as Gradient Desert + Zebra.


Morten is a mid- to big sized classic rectangular frame for men. The durable acetate frame features a range of mono- and combination color stories.


Matt is a truly classic frame for men. High-quality acetate allows for a range of six clean mono, gradient, and contrasting color styles.


Andrea is Ørgreen’s contemporary take on a round panto-style acetate frame. Andrea is distinctly characterized by a floating top-bridge, imbuing the style with a pleasing lightness.

“We wanted to make a modern acetate frame that isn’t ‘overdoing it’ on a face. We did this by working with those perfect lines that is the very essence of Ørgreen design”

Tobias Wandrup – Head of Design

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