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Ørgreen Optics is pleased to present

Surf's up

Our ambitious summer collection of optical frames
for both men and women

The collection takes its inspiration from the aesthetic universe around surfing culture –
a tranquil hedonism by the open sea. Consisting of three female and two male styles,
each frame takes its name from an iconic surfing location around the world,
from New Zealand’s hidden Manu Bay to El Salvador’s tropical Sunzal.

Sunzal and Manu Bay

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“Surfing – I think it’s the most beautiful thing”

Diana Vreeland


Between the blue sky and the glistening water, a very special figure subsists: the surfer. Surfing represents not only a sport, but a way of life, structured around the recurring rise of the tide and the eternal beating of the waves. Its meditative and adrenalin-rushing qualities have attracted mankind around the world for centuries, keen on interacting with nature’s elements at its most raw, uncontrolled, and sublime. “Surfing is attitude dancing,” as world famous surfer Gerry Lopez once defined it – theatre, sport, and emotions all at once.


Intersecting with Ørgreen’s design universe, Surf’s Up is a collection as timeless as surfing itself. A core set of mono color stories embodies Ørgreen’s classic minimalism, while an exciting new range of mono and two-tone color stories take visual cues from surf culture’s coastal visuality. Here, ingenious mat hues feature a hint of metallic, enabling the colors to evolve when hit by the sun. Offering a wealth of color ranges for each of our five styles, Surf’s Up encapsulates a multiplicity of moods and personal expressions, ready for a life by the open sea.


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