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During festival season, youngsters from around the world are seen flocking to beaches, forests, and open fields in search of the ultimate music experience. On the festival grounds, all social norms and rules are temporarily suspended, the focus being instead on love, fun, and lots of auditory pleasures. In 2018, the spirit of Woodstock 1969 lives on in festivals around the world – whether it’s in the lush fields of Netherlands or in the sunlit deserts of California.

“Playing with volume to create an equally fashion and design statement.”

Festival Fever also features a new range of original color stories developed by our in-house colorist, including the dewy Lemon, which evokes the calm light during Nordic summer evenings, and Rosewater, an irresistible ice cream-like color characterized as the lightest shade of pink.

“With COACHELLA we give you a frame that is everything but ordinary. Besides from being a cat-eye shape inspired by the 60ies, we made it even more significant by giving it extra thick contours. This one is truly a fashion statement”

– Olivia Delorme, senior designer at Ørgreen Optics